w h o ’ s b e h i n d t h e c a m e r a ?

that would be me… H A N N A H


How did I start my business?

My sweet friend, Sydney, featured me on her blog. You can read more about how I started AFP here.

Let me tell you a little about me, because were going to be friends.

I’m just your typical Midwest girl who loves adventure. I’m dying to shoot out West in the mountains.. (wink,wink…) Photography is my full time job and it has sure blessed me. Running around with a camera has been a natural thing for me. I was that girl in 6th grade with the camera at birthday parties and sleepovers. And that girl that loved updating her Myspace profile with her new photos. Oh and let’s not forget about adding an album for every event on Facebook. I think you get the point, I’ve been capturing memories for awhile now.

When I’m not holding a camera, you can find me at a thrift store, hanging with my dogs, or in the Dunkin drive thru. I have a passion for home decor and finding the best deals. You can follow my Facebook page - Deals In Bloom - where I post all the good finds and deals! I am a HUGE animal lover, don’t ever hesitate to bring your fur babe to a session! I have also raised a squirrel, yep. You read that right. Hannah was not only the thrifting queen, but a crazy squirrel lady. I’ll share more of that below! Just like every other basic white girl, I love coffee. I’m totally team Dunkin. All the way!

what is always flourishing?

flourishing: developing rapidly and successfully; thriving.

The meaning behind my business is very important to me. I am always trying to improve, willing to learn, and striving towards success. Growth is also very important to me. From growing in self love, my business, friendships, and growing in my faith. There's never a time to stop growing. I am Always Flourishing.

My most recent adventure was raising this sweet girl, Earl. Yes, she’s a girl. Watch the video to get the full story and allow your heart to melt for a few minutes.